Tips to Lose Weight without a Strict Diet

Tips to Lose Weight without a Strict Diet

A strict diet can cause several problems. Not only health problems but mental health. If you want to lose weight, do it in a healthy way. The following is a guide to losing weight without a strict diet. This diet is not only to lose weight but also to replace a healthier eating pattern.

Strict Diet

1. Don’t skip breakfast

Programs to lose weight are synonymous with reducing food. Meanwhile, to reduce the body weight that is reduced is the number of calories of food, not the amount of food. So, forgetting breakfast time is not recommended. Breakfast is very important in a diet program to lose weight. Because, eating breakfast will protect the body so you don’t feel hungry.

2. Meet the needs of a minimum of 2 liters of mineral water

The hunger signal given by digestion is not always due to being really hungry. It could be a signal that the body lacks water. Indeed, sometimes it is not difficult to distinguish between hunger and thirst. So we often share the wrong reaction. Drinking mineral water can also suppress hunger. Because, the stomach has been filled with water so it feels full faster. So, drinking more mineral water can also lower body weight without a strict diet.

3. Increase consumption of fiber sources

So that the stomach does not feel hungry quickly, eat more fibrous foods. Because, fibrous food will make the stomach fuller faster but does not make you hungry quickly. So, indirectly food rations will decrease. Increase this meal in each of your meals.

4. Convert big calorie snacks with nutritious meals

Snacks are generally often a very large contributor of calories. Because, the snack that is eaten is a processed food that has a large sugar and salt content. To be able to lose weight without a strict diet, you must change the type of snack with more nutritious foods. You can replace cakes, biscuits, chips, and so on with nuts, fruits, granola, or other nutritious foods.

5. Increase physical activity

Physical activity has a great position in losing weight without a strict diet. Continue to be an active body moving until it continues to be a lot of energy expended. Burning fat can only be tried when the body is moving.