Dry Heating Cooking Techniques You Can Try At Home

Dry Heating Cooking Techniques You Can Try At Home

Cooking is a place to release stress for some people, of course one’s cooking skills are also a plus, let alone mastering various cooking techniques. Cooking is not just frying and boiling food, there are certain techniques used to make the food more delicious. Dry heating cooking technique is a method of cooking that uses direct heating of food without using liquid or very little liquid. This method is usually done using grilled, grilled or fried techniques. Dry heating techniques can help preserve the texture and taste of food, and reduce nutrient loss. Here is a dry heating cooking technique that you can try at home:

Cooking Techniques

Deep Frying

The deep fry technique does require a lot of oil, but it is still included in the dry heating category because this technique does not change the main texture of the food. The oil used in this technique must also be hot, and if it is done in the right way, even though frying food by putting the food in the oil, the resulting food will not be too oily. The oil will only stick to the surface of the food which can be removed with an oil cloth to make it look drier. This technique aims to produce food that is crunchy and dry on the outside, but still juicy on the inside and with a large amount of oil it will make the maturity more even.


Saute is a cooking technique that many people know as stir-fry, the aim is to enhance the aroma and taste of food ingredients, generally such as onions and similar ingredients which are often processed by sauteing. But other ingredients such as vegetables, mushrooms, meat and even seafood can also use this technique.


Food that is processed in this way aims to get good doneness and is also unique because it does not come into contact with other intermediaries such as pots, pans and others. Food will directly come into contact with fire or heat from hot coals to get goodness.


Roasting is more for large ingredients, such as a whole chicken, lamb or turkey. To get a good taste, the ingredients are seasoned first and brushed with butter before being put into the oven.


This cooking technique uses smoke as a medium for cooking. Food cooked in this way will produce a very different but distinctive taste, even though it uses smoke, the food will still be cooked as long as the smoke used is hot, but this technique requires much longer time for the food to cook. However, the aroma of smoke that enters the food becomes its own distinctive delicious taste.